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A Note to Self : PAUSE

A Note to Self : PAUSE
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As I have many ideas of what to blog or write about I stumbled on this one.. the concept of Pause. To stop in the moment and pause. To take the time and pause. To know what you need and pause. In the day to day of life to pause. Pause is a form of self care for me, the team, and the brand. It is actually an art.

I thought this for many reasons:

  1. I need to practice it more.
  2. I wanted to share it with you.
  3. Do I pause and how?

As a team at Plume and Thread in our studio there are three of us. We are an amazing, open minded, creative team that cares. We work hard in our creativity and organization. We joke with each other, we disagree, we work it out, and we are always learning. We believe in communication, being kind, showing up, listening (Mindful, Alive, Considerate).

On one of my recent road trips I called the office and I had a list of what to do (yah know the bossy moments). “Do this - do that.” Then I thought wait…pause. I thought about them. What do they need? I suggested they go for lunch. “Have fun my treat!” I suggested they go to some place that wasn't the norm (we all get into that pattern). The jubilant sounds of gratitude from an offering of pause brought joy.

Sharing the pause, the step back, the nurturing is all part of the pause in my life. The open space that pause creates allows the quiet in the what’s next, in the magic to show up in oneself, in the brand, in life.

I hear the word self care tossed around in many ways. I find “Pause” is a practice. I always remind myself practice not perfection.


~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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