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Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration
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Getting inspired and designing is so thought provoking and visual. It starts with a vision and comes to life after so many processes. Colors are a huge part of designing. Where I get inspired by color is through elements. The landscape- just look outside at the blooming trees, the falling leaves, plants, herbs, birds, butterflies, vegetable gardens, and the sky. Also the sun, whether it’s rising or setting, the earth, the soil, the minerals, and on and on.

Then it begins, our process. It starts with the fabrics. Thank you to our knitter and thank you to our print house for creating our fabrics and placing color and design to them like a beat to the drum.  And our team here, we sit around and pull color to see how they play with one another. We all have visions. We all see color. It touches us and relates to design. And then there’s the magic of the garment dyer. Thank you to Bill and his team, as we trust he knows and feels our color sense. As you and I go through our days look around see the wonders of color.

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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