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Moving Forward and Travel

Moving Forward and Travel
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I had so much fear as I, Jodi Kosoy Schaff, have the worst sense of direction. But in today’s time Waze, navigation systems, and Google maps are my BFF’s.

I now love the road “rollin rollin” keep my wheels a rollin. My must haves are my music, pod casts, water, snacks, ray bans, my P+T smooshy pants and mineral black hoodie. Also with me is my magical mind that listens and sees so much beauty in our land.

Once I’m packed and have my schedule set I am ALIVE. Yes me, the fear-based traveler. I get to see our land. Exploring is amazing. As I travel for my work I get to explore towns, visit museums, eat different food, and stay with friends. I am curious. I guess I do the biz with pleasure thing.

I appreciate selling to brick and mortar stores as each one, each community, has its own personality. It is always a surprise, the connections in life, as I expose myself like an old Kodak roll of film to this world. I truly am grateful for this experience in my lifetime. To be able to have a sense that in each town there is a culture that I get to meet and it gets to meet me.

How do you travel? What brings your travel to life? What are your travel fears? I’m always curious.

I invite any store we sell to and who might want to see P+T to please come visit us in Philadelphia.

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread

“travel brings power and love back into life”  RUMI

*photo taken in Floyd, VA 


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