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Workmanship or Workwomanship

Workmanship or Workwomanship
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So much detail is put into a garment’s construction or “personality.”

I noticed in the crowd in our studio when I said, “Look at this top, our stripes match. See how they match?”

The room paused, payed attention, and got the aha moment WOW.

“We Care” means we do.

Our garments are made with detail. The hands that test each roll of fabric, make the patterns, cut the fabric, sew the pieces together, pull for the garment dyer, garment dye, and finish the pieces are all humans we have been working with for years.

Over the years being self-taught I appreciate detail. Chanel would use chain on the hems to weigh the hem down so the garment would have support.

Please look at detail, feel the detail, and wear the detail that others take the time to create.

Kinda like when you order your cappuccino and the barista makes the beautiful heart with the foam.

~ enjoy detail ~we enjoy making beautiful detail for you…. 

~Jodi Kosoy Schaff

Owner of Plume and Thread


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